The Road to Friendship


Sometimes friends just “appear” and you know
Others you slowly learn to love over time
Whether you share a special interest
Or come together in a moment of need
You recognize that warm feeling only true friendship brings.


If you're lucky, sometimes a friend is family
Dependable, loving and caring
Through years of ups and downs
And there is a soft, sweet joy between you
That never waivers and always shines.


Sometimes a friend is someone you realize needs you
And as you open your heart or offer a hug
You realize that God brought you together
So that you could be comfort or joy
Encouraging someone else He loves in His name.


Friendships are often tested and tried
Sometimes almost lost
And then in a heartbeat you remember a moment
You remember a voice or a touch
And you remember instantly why you will always be friends.     


~ Bari ~





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