Their stories, as shared by their dad, David...


Pebbles (Aug 22 1989 - Oct 10, 2005)

Pebbles was very much an independent kit, very much Siamese, and certainly in charge of the household. She was strictly a one-person cat, that being me. I could do things with her that no one else could do. She was always the first to greet me after coming home from a round of errands or a day trip. Pebbles also had her tender side. When Dino wouldn't be feeling too well, she would exhibit her maternal instincts - taking care of her brother until he felt better, which was usually the next day.

Pebbles also needed her snuggle time in bed every morning. On winter nights, she would sleep under the covers. On summer nights, it was on her pillow. One of Pebbles' constants was having a little plate on the dining table so she could have taste of dinner. Anything grilled was preferred, but she also enjoyed her fried pork chop and fried chicken. Her most favorite was the ground beef filling on taco night.



Dino (Aug 22 1989 - Jul 18 2008)

Dino was very much a friendly and sociable kit, with an easy going nature. Not much of anything ruffled his furs. From the very beginning, he knew who was going to be his person that would tend to his every need. Dino enjoyed playing very much. Though Dino wasn't much for snuggling like Pebbles, he would sleep very close in bed regardless of season. He was the most vocal, in that you could carry on a conversation with him. One constant of Dino was using his left paw to drink water. Very proficient at scooping water into his paw, Dino could drink water as fast as drinking water directly from the bowl (which he also did as well). His favorite treats were Star Kist Tuna and Boar's Head Black Forest Ham.


 Dino and Pebbles

They were a tightly-knitted pair. They did many things together. They also did many things separately. And, they took care of each other on the feline level. While Pebbles may have been the alpha cat, her and Dino were equals. Their individual personalities complemented one another very well.



The time of year Dino and Pebbles enjoyed the most was holiday time, stretching from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. Thanksgiving time meant a bit of roasted turkey bird.  Christmas was especially fun. The tree meant time for climbing and scratching.  Ornaments, the perfect toy to whack around. Presents couldn't be placed under the tree early ... it meant the presents had to be opened. And, New Year's Eve meant having a taste of the bid red fish that was for dinner.

As babies

 Our mornings were on the quiet side. If it became too quiet during the time they were active, then it was safe to assume Dino and Pebbles were up to something. And, generally, that was a safe assumption. Either they were watching something outside from a window or investigating something in the house. They were so good ... 

Dino and Pebbles were strictly indoor cats. They each had a separate occasion of taking a few cautious steps outside on their own, under supervision. Quickly picked up and brought back inside, they were glad to be back in familiar confines of the indoors.



Dino and Pebbles lived full lives, filled with happiness and love.  We were looking forward to celebrating Dino's 19th birthday in August, 2008.

We will miss our babies very much, but they are not far from our thoughts. We know on the other side of the Bridge, they are together sharing their days with a few friends that made the same journey before them... 


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