~  Welcome to the Wild World of Hank Evans  ~

Hank and his lovely wife, Vicki, live in beautiful Florida and they're well traveled (as you'll see).
Hank, thanks for sharing your photos and descriptions!

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Hank & Vicki

Hank in Alaska

Vicki in Alaska

Hard at Work

Vicki feeding Gilly and his friends

Gilly the Gator! In our pond out back

Smokey,Age 16
(I think)

Somewhere in the Islands

"In our basement" OK, its the Paris Opera House!

Ringing the bell
for a refill!

Receiving some an Award at Purdue

Maybe for oldest trumpet player!!!

If I'm driving, you're in deep do do!  That's why I have a radio!

On Lake Huron

Rose Bowl 2001
I am an American!
For Those who go to Purdue games!


With Neil Armstrong! Another Band Alum who did good!

No clue where, but I was having fun!

As always, the wise guy..."Just shut up!"

If Ms. Green couldn't keep me quiet, Vicki has no chance!

Got stuck with these two on an island for 2 weeks!

Our boat - never could park!


I can't drive, just keep it clean!

Put this together from parts I got out of the truck next to me!  I can't let go, it will fall down!

The "bar" in our "Boys Club." 
Voted best place in the neighborhood to relieve stress!



And then there's golf:

I'm trying to see who's taller - me or Ian Wosnman (Pro)

Me - after I figured out I was taller!

Look real close...I am taller!

Trying to get on TV! Didn't know camera was beside me.  The guy behind is cooking hamburgers!

Thought I might have Fred Couples, but no...