In Loving Memory

(8/12/00 - 2/28/13)


On February 28, 2013, we lost our precious Fitzy to liver cancer.  Fitz was one of the sweetest, loving kitties we've ever had.  He greeted all guests that came to our home, he talked to us in full sentences, and he loved us back unconditionally.  He leaves a huge hole in our hearts.  We miss him and we will love him forever.



The delightful, full of fun boy above is Fitzwilliam.  As has been a friend to most all our furrbabies.  Fitzwilliam (AKA  Fitzy, Fitzer, Fitzy Foo), came to our front porch in January 2004, hungry and needing a warm place to sleep.  We provided both and well the rest, as they say, is "no surprise at all!"




Birthday celebrated August 12, 2000


  Fitzy is talkative, extremely playful, full of energy and a delight to have around.

He has a huge vocabulary that ranges from squeaks to warbles, mwrrrps, trills and a huge rrrrrroooowwww!


Fitzy's best friend is  Charlie Dickens.  They romp, chase, cuddle and play, and will call for each other when in different rooms!


  You can see that he relaxes while watching TV...geez!




Fitzy has certainly adapted well to indoor life - like our others, he has never asked to return outside. 

He gathers his own toys from the basket and we sometimes find him surrounded with bouncy balls, colorful pipe cleaners and toy mice, as if he just can't get enough!





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