the collectable cats
of lesley anne ivory


"Sue's Cat Lucy"


One of Britain's most beloved wildlife artists, Lesley Anne Ivory and her imaginative feline artwork are phenomenally popular the world over. Her artwork graces calendars, greeting cards, and ceramics.

Lesley has illustrated more than 40 children's books, and her wildlife wood engravings were exhibited at the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy for a consecutive decade. She has also created limited edition wildlife art for World Wildlife Fund and has three one-woman shows in London.

Lesley's predominately watercolor and gouache artwork is heavily influenced by her love of pattern - from Indian and Persian tapestry and design to the mosaics and friezes of antiquity. For Lesley, cats are handsome, consoling, and magical."


we share some of lesley's wonderful felines!


"Solitaire on Granny's Lace"



"Ruskin on Amish Quilt"



"Octopussy on Triangle Rug"



"Agneatha and her First Kittens on Blue Persian Carpet"



"Octopussy in Autumn Leaves"



"Fluff on Roman Pavement"



"Muppet on Rose Hexagons"



"Fiver on Eastern Carpet"



"D2 on Peruvian Woven Carpet"



"Chesterton on Granny's Lace"



"Archie and Oscar"



"Agneatha on Paisley"


More of Lesley Anne Ivory's works can be seen HERE


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