A cat of beauty
is a joy forever and ever


In Loving Memory

July 29, 1998 to September 16, 2013

Minkly was a dear, sweet, loving girl who made each day brighter for us.  We still feel her presence in our home...so many wonderful memories.  We love and miss you, so much, sweet girl.





Minkly, the Cat of the Day

Cat of the Day - August 17, 1999 - before her long fur grew in!



On a rainy, cold night in February, 1999, we found this very wet, scared little black and white beauty on our porch  We took her in, dried her off, and...well, she never left.  We learned shortly thereafter that  she was "with kitten."  

Minkly joined our family very willingly, but, becoming a totally indoor cat was, I believe, quite the new experience for her. She showed absolutely no fear of us, loved being petted and carried around, and came running for attention each time we called her.

However, she knew nothing about the noise of a television, her own reflection in a mirror frightened her, and she had no idea how to play. Rolling a little ball toward her or even teasing her with a ribbon to chase, made her dive under the bed!


Birthday celebrated as July 29, 1998


Minkly became "Her Highness," spending the next few weeks lounging gracefully on our bed and resting up for the blessed event we were anxious to share.







~  The Babies  ~



March 20th, Minkly delivered three beautiful babies in the middle of our couch with us in full attendance of the event. She encouraged us to hold the kittens, and very proudly purred excessively as if to say, "Look what I did!"  Minkly has been a wonderful Mom to Polar Bear, Panther and Callie.  As the kittens grew, they taught their Mommie how to play!


~ Family Portrait ~
Polar Bear, Minkly, Panther, Callie







~  Christmas Kitty  ~