Meet Misty and Portia

Locaton:  Magnolia, Texas



The beautiful Misty is a young, sweet tabby kitty who just appeared at our house.  On  Sunday, July 17, 2011, we discovered that she had given birth to 4 beautiful kittens in our garden.  We were fortunate to be able to bring Misty and her kittens inside to live and grow.  Three of Misty's kittens, Abbey, Toby and Tory, were adopted into wonderful homes.  Misty and Portia are now a part of our Happy Cat Family!  Aren't they beautiful?





Misty and early kitten pics





And, this is the lovely Portia



Portia Pics



Below are photos of Misty's other three kitties all grown up!



Abbey Toby Tory


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