Our Wonderful Panther

~ In Loving Memory ~

March 20, 1999 to July 10, 2008





The loss of Panther breaks our hearts...he was an amazing, loving boy.  Cancer took him July 10, 2008.  Panther, we love you forever, sweet boy.  Our lives will never be the same without you.


Panther and his mother, Minkly





Our dear friend, KC Bingamon created a beautiful web page
"In Memory of Panther
"...Thank you so much, KC, it is lovely



"Red Curtains" by Rachel Parker



Panther's story:

As you have probably noticed, I am a member of a large Pride, so I can always find someone to romp with!

One of my best friends is my little brother, Bebop, who we adopted after he was injured and lost a back leg.    



The Early Years - Cat of the Day - April 21, 2000
Note, he didn't have his long coat yet!



I did my best to teach BeBop everything I knew about being a cat - playing, running up stairs, jumping, begging, etc., and now we both like to chase our little sister, Jasmine , all over the house!





I am  said to be very "laid back," and although I'm not exactly sure
what that means, I do my best to be a good lap cat and a great bed
partner!   Oh, and pick up a brush...I'm your's forever!



Born March 20, 1999

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The heads of our Pride have discovered that I am very computer literate, and I like helping them "work."  When they aren't looking though, I love to run off with their pens and hide them under the rug! 



Mom says I am very difficult to photograph - this is my classic look when I DON'T want my pic taken.  I can be so totally regal!






Panther the "Magnificent"

We should probably point out that Panther presents himself as
Alpha Male in his pride; however, he knows all too well that his
mother, Minkly, holds the ultimate position of Alpha Female...
and she is quick to remind him should he lose sight of that fact!



~ Family Portrait ~
Polar Bear, Minkly, Panther, Callie



Jim Tripp's "Black Cat" painting is used with his permission.




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