Miss Scarlet's Page


In Loving Memory (1998 to 2005)


This lovely Southern belle joined us in October 1999.  We believe she had been mistreated, as she became extremely anxious and just a bit aggressive when picked up. 

Scarlet, aptly named by her Daddy, was a petite little beauty, just full of personality and cattitude!  







Scarlet prided herself on being quite a mouser - she wasn't allowed outside to catch the real thing - she  just played a rather rousing game of "catch the printer mouse."  She was convinced that every printer had a mouse living inside just waiting to be caught.



An avid bird watcher (from her window, she spent hours  chattering at the cardinals, finches, chickadees and hummingbirds which seemed to delight in teasing her...imagine that!














Miss Scarlet had a feisty split personality - one minute  rubbing and begging for attention - then in a second, she'd growl and bite(tenderly, of course)!  


 Scarlet always thought of herself as "Daddy's cat," and preferred his company whenever possible! 


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